Oct 7, 2011

IWT October Ezine


Irish Wildlife Trust

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Welcome to the first IWT Ezine!

Hi everyone and welcome to the very first edition of the Irish Wildlife Trust ezine! To stem your insatiable appetite for our award winning magazine we will be sending this out on a monthly basis to keep you all informed about IWT campaigns and events. Don't forget the IWT is a conservation charity that relies on your membership to sustain our campaigns. Individual membership is only €35 and as well as supporting wildlife in Ireland you will receive our quarterly, award-winning magazine 'Irish Wildlife' and get access to all our events, all over Ireland! So make a difference and join today! (go to www.iwt.ie)

Daniel Buckley, Irish Wildlife Trust

IWT Sustainable Seas Campaign working to protect our oceans

At present, many fish stocks within Irish waters are depleted and some may possibly even be at risk of commercial extinction. Despite their dire status, the over-fishing of these stocks continues. The IWT is actively campaigning for sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems on both a national and European scale. My name is Dana Miller, the IWTs new fisheries programme coordinator and I have been working on behalf of the IWT on a number of marine conservation issues including our participation within the European coalition OCEAN2012. As an Irish member organisation to OCEAN2012, the IWT is participating in efforts to influence an environmentally responsible and effective reform of the policy which governs fishing activities within European waters, the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).  For more information visit www.ocean2012.eu.


Dana Miller, IWT fisheries programme coordinator

Newt News Flash!

Our fantastic IWT volunteers have been busy all year completing the IWT National Newt Survey in ponds and pool across Ireland. This volunteer-based survey was carried out this year by 170 IWT volunteers, who received training at 9 training hubs across the country in counties Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Longford, Monaghan/Cavan, Tipperary, Sligo, and Waterford.


The results of the survey will be used to find out where in Ireland these native amphibians live and what habitats they need to survive within our landscape. This will be done by producing a brand new distribution map for the species and by analysing their habitat use.


Kieran Flood, IWT newt survey coordinator email newts@iwt.ie

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