Dec 5, 2011

Tree planting at Ballinreeshig Nature Farm (please forward to all tree lovers)

Hi folks,

I am happy to announce, that this winter, we are planning to plant about 20 acres of mixed, mostly broadleaf, woodland on our community based organic/biodynamic farm near Ballygarvan, county Cork. 20 acres at recommended spacing translates to about 17,000 trees!

The species mix will be predominantly (85%) big trees, of inherently high value both ecologically and economically: Pedunculate Oak, Sweet Chesnut, Ash and Scots Pine.

The other 15% is to be planted later, amongst and around the big trees, with a mixture of native and exotic traditional fruit and nut bearing species on the sunny egdes (apples, plums, pears, hazels, walnuts, figs, mulberries...) as well as some more experimental forest garden vareties (eleagnus, sea buckthorn, oregon grape, arbutus... ) and some ecologically valuable native shrubs and small trees (hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, broom, spindle, holly, birch...) to increase biodiversity and help keep the fairies happy.

We are going to commence planting the big trees (the 85%) on MONDAY 12 DECEMBER and we hope to have more or less all of them in by FRIDAY 23 DECEMBER. this means nearly 2 weeks of dedicated planting.

We are looking for as many VOLUNTEERS as possible to come up and get involved! If you are available to come up for a few hours, or a few days, please come and help plant up this haven of biodiversity, a sustainable source of fuel, food and fodder, and a demonstration site for ecologically sound forestry.

We will have a kettle on over the sheltered fireplace at the centre of the farm, and homemade soup for lunch.

Arrive any time from 9am, with sturdy footwear, waterproofs if it's a wet day, a decent spade (NOT a shovel) and maybe some bread, a sandwich or snack to help keep going!

Hope to see you there,

Daniel Zev Benn (on behalf of the Ballinreeshig Nature Farm team.)


Directions to the farm:

From Cork city: go up the kinsale road as far as the airport roundabout, then turn left (1st exit) and follow signs to Ballygarvan Stonecraft. The farm entrance is just after the stonecraft, on the left.

From Kinsale direction: Take R600 towards Cork city, and turn right at Fivemile bridge towards Ballygarvan and Carrigaline.  About a mile after going through Ballygarvan village, look out for the sign (on the right) pointing left uphill to Ballygarvan Stonecraft. The farm entrance is just before the stonecraft, on the right.

From Carrigaline direction. Take the road towards Ballygarvan/Fivemile bridge/Ballinhassig, and about 1 mile before Ballygarvan village look out for the signs directing you uphill on the right, towards Ballygarvan Stonecraft. The farm entrance is just before the stonecraft, on the right.

  •  Daniel Zev Benn: 085 27 222 43 (not available 11am-6pm 17-23rd Dec) or:
  •  Sean O'Halleron: 087 258 1990 (not available 10 - 16 Dec)]